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Obtaining a copy of the New Orleans Street Map & Visitor Guide is easy! Take advantage of the Map's features and discounts while planning your trip. Simply choose one of these methods:

The New Orleans Street Map & Visitor Guide is a free publication. Shipped copies require a postage & handling fee of $3.00 US each for domestic orders, and $5.00 US for international orders.

Here are our privacy and replacement policies.

Ordering Online

We encourage you to to use our secure online ordering form. A postage & handling fee of $3.00 ($5.00 US international) for each copy applies. Go here for bulk orders (over 5 copies). Orders are shipped daily via first-class mail. Please allow one week from the date of order for receipt. Order Your Map

Fax Requests

If you prefer to fax your order, please complete the fax order form and fax it to us at (504) 568-1137. The form is in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, which is available as a free download. Please fill all required blanks.

Phone Orders

We encourage you to order in one of the two methods above. If this is not convenient, please call our office at (504) 568-1135. If you receive a recording, please leave only your name, number, and requested item. We will call back for the balance of the inform recation. When ordering, please have the following information ready:

• Name as it appears on credit card
• Billing and shipping address for order
• Credit card number and expiration date
• Your telephone number
• Your e-mail address
• Quantity of Maps desired

Local Distribution Outlets

The New Orleans Street Map & Visitor Guide is available at hundreds of locations in and around New Orleans at no cost. Please see our list of Distribution Outlets (available soon). Check the front counter, concierge, or information source for availability.



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